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European Risk Management Seminar 2020

In today’s connected environment, cyber security always a concern. The rapidly evolving cyber threats related to COVID-19 have required organisations to strengthen their IT- security defenses. The pandemic has also focused attention on the concentration of risk in terms of location and suppliers for many organisations.

More distributed, coordinated and trackable supply of components will require global platforms with sophisticated technologies, often incorporating artificial intelligence, to link buyers with vendors across a network of supply chains. Established platform providers are likely to step up and compete for the ownership of this more sophisticated supply chain ecosystem in the next decade. Welcome to the New World and the implications for cyber resilience. We will consider:

  • Cyber risk and cyber supply chain as an enterprise risk
  • The dynamic nature of cyber risk
  • The implications of AI
  • The role for the risk management professional in the New World
  • The role of insurers in shaping New World cyber resilience


Risk professionals must align better with business priorities. They must demonstrate strong business and commercial acumen and engage more intensely with the organisation’s purpose, strategy, major objectives and investments. This session will sharpen their insights into cyber-related risk. It will help them have a dialogue with senior colleagues and IT experts about the exposures and develop innovative risk mitigation measures.

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