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European Risk Management Seminar 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic created a systemic risk to global supply chains, which were already one of the most complex exposures to understand and assess. Almost every business and every country have been affected and experienced severe disruptions to business operations. The impact on countries like China has demonstrated the limits of concentrated production and supply and global logistics.

We will consider how robust interconnected services have been under the unprecedented strain. What have we learned about business interruption? What are the lessons for recovery? Do we need new mitigating strategies? What will the role for artificial intelligence be?

  • COVID-19 brought to light new dimensions of risk – are well-established responses still fit for purpose?
  • Will it be back to business as usual – or has global landscape changed, as it did after 9/11.
  • How can insurers manage the global aggregate of losses?
  • What are the cyber risks in supply chains and how can we manage them?


In this session, risk managers will learn how to increase the resilience of supply chains to interconnected risks that can range across the globe. They will gain additional insights into techniques for modelling and analysing global pandemic risk, plus an understanding about how the risk transfer market may (or may not) respond.

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Speakers on stage

  • Pascal Matthey

    Marine Risk Consulting Manager
    AXA XL

    Pascal brings over twenty years’ experience in the insurance industry. As a claims specialist and underwriter, he acquired extensive marine (cargo and specie) insurance experience, having held a variety of positions on both the broker and insurer side of the business. He also worked as an insurance and risk manager for an international precious metal refining group prior to joining XL in 2007.

    In his current position, Pascal is a sought-after risk assessment specialist, providing marine and specie customers throughout the world with risk assessment tools and solutions designed to enhance their supply chain security and safety and assess the risks on large storage exposures. He does also regularly work on project business to secure and monitor adapted loss prevention programs and assess the overall risk for both, cargo and DSU exposures. He is also particularly engaged in the fine art, banking and watchmaking world to support customers in designing transit and storage security concepts.

  • Federica Livelli

    Risk Management & Business Continuity Consultant
    Self appointed

    Federica has Certification in Risk Management – FERMA ®Rimap and in Business Continuity – AMBCI BCI, UK; she regularly provides consultancy in Risk Management & Business Continuity and is actively involved in promoting & developing the culture of resilience at various institutions and universities.

    In the past, she has held roles in various fields, such as management administration, facility management, procurement, events and institutional relations at leading companies and multinationals.

    Member of ANRA and Deputy Leader of the Board of the BCI Italy Chapter (Italian representative of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI),UK), she is also member of the BCI Professional Conduct Committee, UK, Furthermore she is also  a member of the following associations: AIPSA  and  CLUSIT.

    Lecturer in the introduction modules of ISO 22301 – Business Continuity & Resilience as part of the program of the “Cyber Strategy & Governance” Master, organized in partnership by POLITECNICO and BOCCONI UNIVERSITIES.

    Author of several articles on Business Continuity & Risk Management topics published by several online magazines, such as Digital Agenda, Cybersecurity360, AI4Business, Risk Management360, EnergyUp, Blockchain4Innovation, Internet4Things, Industry4Business, ANRA – RM Magazine, ISPI Online, Insurance Review, UNI Magazine online.

  • Lea Lelijveld van Cingelshouck

    Insurance Risk Manager

    Lea is working as Risk Insurance Manager at Bouwinvest, after having worked for Heineken for almost 10 years (as Insurance Manager). She has been a NARIM board member since 2016. Besides that, she has been member of the board of ECIROA between 2015 and 2018. Last but not least: she was the first RIMAP certified NARIM member in 2018!

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