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European Risk Management Seminar 2020

The impact of climate change on corporate exposures will mostly occur over the next 10-20 years. Corporate reporting, however, is much shorter term. Risk managers need to communicate to senior management that climate-related risks cannot be left for a later date, especially when the EU is putting pressure on businesses to become more sustainable now.

  • What are the key value metrics companies should focus on to understand climate change exposure?
  • Is it a risk management approach or a leadership initiative?
  • What financial mitigation solutions are possible? Are parametric triggers for insurance useful or too complicated? What role could captives play?

The session will give examples of risk transfer solutions where parametrics complement traditional insurance structures with possible participation of captives. 


Risk managers will hear how businesses can become more sustainable, especially within the Green Plan for Europe. They will also discuss measures that can make their organisations more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

They will consider climate-related risks from a risk transfer perspective and the potential for using parametric solutions to complement traditional insurance solutions. Some “real-life” examples will make the picture complete.

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