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European Risk Management Seminar 2020

Current insurance market conditions are having multiple consequences for risk managers. One is the need for in-depth and clear understanding of risk exposures to drive decision making. How do we achieve the right understanding of probability and translate risk into potential financial impact?

The panel discussion will focus primarily on the panorama of risk exposure assessment:

  • What approaches and techniques are available?
  • What aspects can be specific to some risks or some insurance lines of business?
  • What should be the main focus points?

Three workshops will address specific exposures, supply chain, technology and climate change, and how they should be technically assessed.

Risk managers should leave with a clear understanding of multiple ways of assessing risk exposure. The aim is for them to take away something meaningful, both for their discussions with the insurance market and for internal communication.


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Speakers on stage

  • Lea Lelijveld van Cingelshouck

    Insurance Risk Manager

    Lea is working as Risk Insurance Manager at Bouwinvest, after having worked for Heineken for almost 10 years (as Insurance Manager). She has been a NARIM board member since 2016. Besides that, she has been member of the board of ECIROA between 2015 and 2018. Last but not least: she was the first RIMAP certified NARIM member in 2018!

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